Eminem Interview – VIBE- Sept 2008 (15th Anniversary Issue)

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Where was Marshall 15 years ago?
I was about 19. I was following Proof to a bunch of clubs and trying to get on.

What was ur original dream?
To be a comic book artist.

Were u obssesed with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane?
I like McFarlae. But i was more into John Romito Jr. Spider Man was my shit!I use to site around and draw all the covers. Im good at freehandingbut im no good at coming up with drawing out of my imagination.

Most original person u ever met?

Proof had immense influence on u. Who were some others?
LL Cool J was probably the first that I really wanted to be like. The Kanglos the Troop everything. I used to emulate him constantly.

U recently pranked LL on Shade 45?
When i heard LL was gona be on i was like “oh shit i gotta call.” I wanted to do something funny and i wanted to fuck with him and see if he could guess it was me. But if anyone cant tell that i was genuine with thte call the i dont know what to tell them b/c obviously im a fan. Treach did it for me.

People sleep on his impact right?
Proof put me on Treach. That dude originated a lot of styles. When i heard the third verse to Yoke the Joker i was like i quit rapping. At taht point i realized i could never be the best.

What was ur original day job?
I was a dishwasher. I used to take the bus all the way out there. It was like ten miles from my house….just terrible.

It gave u the inceteive to get those skills up huh?
oh yeah definetly. I worked there for a year and was like fuck this. I dropped out of school and wanted to pursue rap but my mom told me to get a job or get out so i had to get out anyway.

What makes Eminem original?
Its a lot of craziness. Ppl looked at me like the crazy white boy you know? I didnt get stuck with that label that was who I was. My wierd word play and image hooked ppl. There were others who before me like Beastie Boys and Third Base but i a sense i blew open the door for a lot of other nationalities to do this.


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