Eminem Confirms New Album to be Titled “Relapse”

Today was the party held by Shade 45 for the release of Eminem’s new book “The Way I Am”.  During a live interview Eminem said his new album will be called “Relapse.” Eminem is known for joking around and with Dr Dre’s new album called “Detox,” it’s hard to know for sure if Slim Shady is f*cking with us. Either Interscope is about to drop the “Three Headed Moster” as 50 Cent calls it. With 50 releasing “Before I Self Destruct” on December 9th, then Eminem’s “Relapse” in the first quarter of 09 and Dre’s “Detox” soon after, Interscope will for sure dominate record sales.

As we stated, the party was held for Eminem’s new book, with it hitting stores on the 21st. During the interview, Eminem did drop a freestyle, make sure you listen to it below & let us know what you think!

Source: RapBasement


2 Responses

  1. hey whats up love eminem music i can relate what he saying like other rappers don’t make any senses only 50 cent d-12 also the eminem book the way i am is best he ever wrote even before i am best fan everything he does i am there for him he is best rapper ever live don’t take my word for it read book off hook outt one love .

  2. This is very up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Facebook.

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