Eminem, Jay-Z Fans Recall Favorite Moments From Detroit Shows

There’s no question that Jay-Z and Eminem’s Home and Home Tour stops in Detroit were two of the biggest events the city’s hip-hop community has ever seen.

On the final night, Em and Hov fans recounted an unforgettable show to MTV News, in which rap titans like Dr. Dre and 50 Cent joined Shady and Jigga on the Comerica Park stage.

Although she “loves Eminem,” one D-Town fan gave Hov’s set the biggest props. “It had to be Jigga. Coming from underneath, giving a shout-out to [Michael Jackson], it was Jigga,” she said.

Another concertgoer said witnessing the hip-hop heavyweights rip up the stage with one of their classic collabos was her favorite moment of the night. “Probably when Eminem and Jay-Z got on the stage together [for ‘Renegade’],” Lindsay said, describing the show highlight. “That was pretty tight.” Fellow audience member Bridget echoed the same sentiment, bellowing, “Renegade!”

Some fans loved when Em made a move that few hip-hop stars have the clout to pull off, and brought out his mentor, Aftermath kingpin and rap pioneer Dr. Dre.

“My favorite part was when Dr. Dre came out,” said Jen, who was accompanied by a fellow Doc-loving pal. “We’ve been … big [fans] for forever.”

As Jay-Z and Em signed off from the Motor City, many fans were amped they were able to witness the historic show firsthand.

“I’m glad I was a part of it,” said Dianca. “It was a great concert, it was awesome. I love Jay-Z.”

Clutching an Eminem tee and bubbling with post-show energy, Christina was grateful for the opportunity to see the superstar MCs work magic in the D. “It was amazing. I’m glad I didn’t miss it,” she enthused. “I’m glad I got to be there. I really feel sorry for everyone who did miss it but it was awesome.”

Juanita trekked from Jacksonville, Florida but conceded that the Motown show was a singular event.

“I loved everything ’cause I love Jay-Z. I loved the [extra guests] they brought out, I love Dr. Dre. I love everybody, Eminem, everybody!” she said. “Go Detroit, yeah! Only in the D!”

Did you see Jay-Z and Eminem in concert? Let us know in the comments below!


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